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A Moment in Time - Presented by Daisy's Garden Supplies - Designed by Peter Donegan - MIFGS 2024

A Moment in Time

Silver Medal and People's Choice Award at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2024

Presented by Daisy’s Garden Supplies

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Designed by Peter Donegan Garden Design

Constructed by Semken Landscaping

In support of Defence Force Welfare Association (DFWA)


With thanks to A Moment in Time’s supporters: Bamstone, BioGro, Elif Ozturk – Design Assistant, Established Tree Transplanters, Gardens at Night, Lilydale Instant Lawn, Prestige Surfaces, Warners Nurseries, & Yards Landscapes.

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A Moment in Time – Presented by Daisy’s Garden Supplies is the story of an Air Force veteran who returns to a place he hoped to be able to recall home. The garden is secluded and remains as if he had never left. The design aims to show what is when there is no head stone to one who has not fallen and, though a body is not lost, there remains a mind that can never be the same as it was prior.

The garden features a fragmented path winding to an aged, grassed roof wood cabin and a Piper PA-28 Cherokee aircraft, the project that once was a wished for return to flight of a then younger man, not complete in its repair or trajectory stalled by tree growth over time, stimulated only by the turbulence of what comes with the witness of conflict.

The garden design was born during Peter’s time designing the gardens at 13th Century Château de Péronne (France) and the Irish World War 1 centenary peace garden. Through collaboration with the Australian construction team the design has evolved to be set in South-Eastern Australia in the early 1980’s. The garden intends to highlight the difficulties some veterans may face when returning to their former lives or when trying to create a new path post service in the Air Force. Whilst this garden portrays an Australian setting, the obstacles and struggles our veterans may face are shared by their counterparts across the world.

The garden is in support of the Defence Force Welfare Association (DFWA) whose purpose is to promote and protect the interests of serving and former members of the Australian Defence Force and their families. We hope this project will honour the heritage and proud traditions of the Australian Defence Force.

The full array of styling pieces you will see in the garden have all been carefully collected by the team at Semken Landscaping. Every piece is authentic to the era portrayed and all hold special memories for those who contributed. Some of the team involved in this garden’s creation are the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of Air Force veterans who hope to pay their respects to all who have dedicated a life of service to the Australian Defence Force. We hope to honour our own family history whilst also opening the conversation regarding improving the future of those in our Defence Force still serving today and those who will commit to this life in years to come.


The Defence Force Welfare Association is an independent voice for Australian Defence Force members, veterans, and their families. They advocate to government on matters affecting this group of Australians in a hope to improve the support services available and the quality of life of all serving members and veterans.

Close to 6,000 or 5.3% of Australia’s half a million current and former service personnel have experienced homelessness in the past year, a rate nearly three times higher than that of the broader population.

Previously serving veterans are also more likely to die by suicide than the general population, the suicide rate among female veterans is 107% higher than the general population, and nearly 30% higher for men.

The nature of the work in the Defence Force means being exposed to potentially traumatic and life-threatening events. Serving members have lived and worked under situations where the body has been conditioned to be ready for any potential threat and danger which has increased the brain’s responsiveness. The brain then finds it difficult to modulate or tone down increased sensitivity to stress and external stimuli even once back in a safe environment.

Common mental health conditions experienced by service members include anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These conditions may be noted in behavioural changes such as emotional withdrawal, irrational thinking/catastrophising, loss of interest in family activities, hobbies and other things they used to enjoy, avoiding crowds or situations that they find overwhelming or that trigger emotional of physical responses, and increased drug and alcohol use.

It can be very difficult for many people to recognise their own symptoms and acknowledge that help is needed. This can be particularly so for service members. As members of the community, we rely on service members to protect us and keep us safe. Acknowledging that help is needed can be seen as a threat to their self-identity, how they see themselves. In addition to fear of being seen or judged as weak by self or others, there may be concerns about the impacts of help-seeking on their career and ability to continue in their role.

More work needs to be done to protect the physical and mental health of current and former Defence Force members as well as all emergency services personnel throughout the country. Through the tireless work of volunteers at associations such as the Defence Force Welfare Association we have hope that adequate financial support, extensive health and wellbeing services, and a safe and secure retirement will be resources widely available for future generations who choose a life in our Defence Force and emergency services. To find out more information about DFWA’s important work please scan the QR code below.

If this information raises any concerns for yourself or a loved one please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

We all have a part to play in reducing the stigma surrounding conversations on mental heath and protecting the wellbeing of our families, friends, colleagues and employees. For those of us in the landscaping and wider horticulture industries, reach out to an industry body such as Landscaping Victoria or NGIV to see their valuable mental health and wellbeing resources available to be applied in your organisation.

Information sourced from Defence Force Welfare Association (Vic), ‘Leave No Veteran Behind’ report – May 2023, and ‘MESHA Family Guide 2021’.

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