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Top 5 Spring Gardening Tips

Posted on October 04, 2017

Spring has finally arrived, the days are longer and the footy is over, so now you can get out into the garden again.

Feed plants with a slow release fertiliser and water in well. A fortnightly feed with Seasol will give your plants an additional boost through the growth period.


Pests love all the new growth that spring brings. Check your plants regularly and remove these or treat with a spray.

With the warmer months the garden will need more water. A deep water a couple of times a week is best.


Adding a good layer of mulch to your garden beds will help retain moisture in the soil and protect the roots of your plants over the summer months.  It will also hinder weed growth.

Remove or spray all winter weeds. Keep weeds under control by adding a layer of mulch to your garden beds.


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