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MIFGS 2014 - Emerge

SILVER MEDAL - SHOW GARDEN at The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2014

Presented By: Bay Road

Designer: Candeo Design

Landscape Construction: Semken Landscaping

Construction: Atkinson Pontifex

Plant Stock: Warner’s Nurseries

“Emerge - The Family Life Garden” at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show is designed to capture the essence of the Family Life Charity.

The garden borders somewhere between fantasy and reality, an artist’s impression of the essence of the Family Life Charity and what it means to the families it helps and supports in our local community in the past, present and future. Architectural flowers standing proud and tall above undulating garden beds representing the uncertainty of life. The flowers represent stability, growth, shelter and protection to the lives Family Life has touched. Water, fire and earth ensure all elements are represented in this garden to stunning visual effects.  Structured, undulating planting, stone walls, timber decking and lawn come together in this garden to create a usable space that could border on the edge of imagination. 

With thanks to our product sponsors:


With special thanks to Total Way Transport for deliveries, and Kim Earl, Kim Moon, Robyn Payne, Emma Rice and Amy Garrett for help with planting.

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